Friday, February 26, 2010

Art for art's sake

Artists have to be very self motivated. I used to get up every morning as a kid and have no qualms about sketching and drawing the day away. I could draw for hours... and honestly forget any other thing I was supposed to do that day.

Now that I'm older, with bigger responsibilities, I understand that my motivating factors are the almighty dollar, and/or a competition, exhibition, or something to work towards, at least when it comes to art. Sad, but true. I guess I just am more careful how I spend my time, and the thought of putting hours on end into a painting that I'm doing for my own shear pleasure loses its glimmer. Perhaps it's just the fact I'm somewhat detached from the art world, and I've lost my motivation.

It's good I'm subbing art classes now... maybe I'll start painting again. Seeing kids just draw for art's sake and none else has reminded me of what it was like to do that... art for FUN. I forgot about that. Now that I work full time, and am busy with other pursuits, I have to plan to draw. That was never the case for me during my youth.
I guess what I'm trying to say is if I put that talent under a bushel, I'll lose it. I'm gonna try to start painting. For myself and no one else. If I look at this Manchess long enough... I'll probably get some motivation.
I'm sure all of you wanted to know that.


Camie and Rich said...

I think it's great you are seeing some desire to paint for the fun of it. You need an outlet ... and work/school is NOT an outlet :) Plus I love seeing your work!

michael~ said...

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mya said...

Quite seriously - when does a painting classify as a mural?

Thank you for sharing some of your work.